Jpeg Resampler XE

JPEG Resampler

This page is dedicated to the older version of Jpeg Resampler, however I strongly recommend Jpeg Resampler XE - a brand new product that is much faster, fully compatible with new versions of Windows and contains a lot of improvements.

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The following information relates to the old version of Jpeg Resampler

  • this simple application can resample all JPG images in the specified directory and store the results in target directory
  • a few possibilities how the target picture size may be defined (as a resultion, percent of original, maximal size, file size etc.)
  • it is also possible to set up the quality of target files, filters (sharpen, smooth, blur), sector of the image to process and others
  • application can also display metadata of your images
  • this application is freeware, you can download from here (last version 5.99 released on 10/3/2011)
  • Jpeg Resampler vs 3.1 has received an award from Softpedia

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