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GSBuilder - Geocaching statistics generator

I know there are many applications that can generate your geocaching statistics but either they do not provide too much information or they have too many features I don't need (like GSAK). That's why I have created a simple application that allows you to quickly generate nice statistics.

GSBuilder is being used by 1500 users with average number of finds equal to 1078,
all statistics generated by GSBuilder displayed 746214 times since 27/8/2010

The statistics can be generated in a few steps - open GPX/ZIP provided by, define Options (only the first time) and generate the results (you can also preview the results first). After Generate simply paste the clipboard content to your profile on and that's it.

Should you have problems accessing your profile on, please visit the forum for the answer.

If you like GSBuilder, please donate!
Amount: EUR

I have especially focused on showing the finds on maps, currently there are 3 maps available but more can be added even by you (description how to do it will be added later).

To use maps it is necessary to register here (please do NOT use the same password as for When registered you can upload the data built from your finds to the server and your maps will be automatically working in your statistics.

Currently there are several available layouts. If you create a new layout (see files .txt in the zip), you can send it to me and I will add it to next package (it is simple, just <STYLE> tag). Thanks to pixies for his layout.

The program currently "speaks" two languages - english and czech. If you wish to create a translation to other language, please let me know, it will take just a few minutes.

You can download the program from here.

Should you have any questions or comments, please visit my forum.

Version history:

Version 2.6 (1.11.2011)

  • improvements of layout
  • revised numbers required to achieve badgegen levels
  • fixed bug in reading info about own cache when it has more then 999 finds
  • in version 2.6.1 a bug in calculation has been fixed (15.11.2011)

Version 2.5 (19.5.2011)

  • allows negative number for badges (use for head-in-the-ground)
  • solves layout issues caused by new layout of

Version 2.4 (8.3.2011)

  • correction of logic related to badges

Version 2.3 (22.2.2011)

  • exports list of CWG into the text file (in user's profile directory, under Application Data and GSBuilder)
  • correction of preview generation unicode file header
  • correced map generating for Canada and Vatikan
  • improved handling of "my caches"
  • full support of all types of badges

Version 2.2

  • added badges (medals)
  • added rank to general information
  • sorting of own caches by description is now case insensitive
  • option to suppress reloading of own caches on each Generation

Version 2.1

  • added support for color maps of Europe and World

Version 2.0

  • improved handling of own caches
  • eliminated some misleading error messages
  • reduced number of "questions" during the statistics build

Version 1.9

  • unlimited size for text before and after (originally the limit was 2kB)

Version 1.8

  • a few bug fixes
  • more explanatory error messages

Version 1.7

  • supports generating of CWG list (Czech Wood Geocoins)

Version 1.6

  • supports showing of your hides in the maps
  • supports more colors for both finds and hides (in the maps)
  • translated readme to czech, added help that refers to the readme directly
  • improved handling of archived hides

Version 1.5

  • improved Difficulty/Terrain chart (added links to last found)
  • supports monitoring visitors of your statistics
  • extended readme.txt

Version 1.4

  • if url not included in source GPX, link via cache ID is used

Version 1.3

  • corrections for Skrysotlac (but still the files from Skrysotlac may be incorrect)
  • corrected error "Format ´%´s invalid or incompatible with argument"
  • added support for zip files
  • added readme (includes simple help and Q/A)
  • displays name of last loaded gpx/zip file

Version 1.2

  • support of "Skrysotlac" GPX files (requires correct user name in options)
  • added progress of file loading
  • added statistics based on cache owners
  • added caching carma info
  • added support for files generated by
  • added date of output generation
  • corrected charset of preview (now unicode)
  • translation to czech

Copyright (c) , David Macek