JPEG Resampler XE

A new version for year 2021 is available!!!

The main purpose of this popular tool is to quickly and easily resize photos from a digital camera to a smaller size for further use (especially to share the photos on web or by email). Nevertheless, Jpeg Resampler XE also offers many other features such as

  • convert between image formats (JPG, PNG, BMP, JNG, GIF, TGA, JP2, TIF, PSD, XPM)
  • 8 different methods of resizing (to megapixels, percents of original, exact size, max size, file size and others)
  • 11 filters to apply (for example sharpen, blur, soften, average etc)
  • 10 different color formats (RGB, ARGB, indexed, grayscale etc)
  • 5 different types of sorting the images (useful when we change their names)
  • 4 threads for processing images (extremely improves performance on some machines)
  • compact (simple) mode for beginners and advanced mode for advanced users, compact mode offers only the most important features (see the image on the right)
  • support for EXIF (autorotation based on EXIF, copy EXIF to target image, extract EXIF to text file)
  • support of presets (actual settings may be saved to a preset for later re-use)
  • easy creation of a HTML that contains the resampled images and optionally thumbnails
  • advanced support of file name conversion with several available shortcuts
  • supports adding of text or logo (watermark) to resampled images, several special effects offered
  • supports adding of GPS coordinates of the photo based on GPX
  • Shell context support - program can integrate into Windows Explorer (rightclick an image or directory to start Jpeg Resampler)
  • support of scanning images from a scanner and process them just like any other source image (save to any supported format with any settings)
  • integrated Browser of images where you can
    • select image area to resample
    • change colors
    • define filter different from other images
    • remove the image from processing
    • rotate, flip or mirror the image
    • see the metadata of the image
    • use templates, special filters etc.
  • support of several languages
  • Starting from version 6.3 Jpeg Resampler is the fastest batch convertor of images on the market.

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Jpeg Resampler XE adv
Examples of typical usage
  1. Download images from a camera to the harddrive without changing them (carbon copy option), change of their names is however supported
  2. Resample photos to smaller size and resolution to share on web, send by email, publish on facebook etc.
  3. Generate album of your photos on a web server. Use "Generate HTML" feature, then upload the content of target directory via FTP to the server and it's ready to use.
  4. Add to product images your logo to prevent a misuse, resample large source images to small (all in one step)
  5. Add your copyright info to all images at once
  6. Resort and renumber your images by the date and time photo was taken
  7. and many others, you may let me know your ideas
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/2000 or Windows Server 2003/2008
  • 32bit or 64bit
  • during resampling it requires about 200 MB of memory (depends on number of threads and resolution of source images)
  • for commercial use you need to obtain a licence

Downloads from 25.8.2010: 643554

I very much appreciate your paticipation and support, you can do any of the following:
  1. let me know if you wish to translate the program to your native language (mention the language and country). At the moment the following langages are covered:
    • english (default)
    • czech (by David Macek)
    • german (by Matthias Gallas)
    • polish (by Mateusz Jabloñski)
    • swedish (by Nils Söderman)
    • spanish (by Mariano Felice)
    • italian (by Diego Garassino)
  2. come back here regularly to get the latest version
  3. let me know your comments or ask for new missing features in forum
  4. please donate (below)

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or buy a full version.

List of new features (6.0+)
  • support of jpeg/jp2/png/gif/bmp/jng/tga/tiff
  • support of more color formats (3x RGB, 3x ARGB, 1x indexed, 3x gray scale)
  • compact mode for beginners, advanced mode for advanced users
  • more supported languages (I hope you will help me here)
  • faster processing (1-4 threads)
  • much stable now, hopefully no issues with threads anymore
  • optimization for Win Vista / Win7
  • GPS (GPX) support
  • support of presets of settings (you can define as many as you want and simply switch among them)
  • support of more files/directories to be defined as source
  • support of drag & drop from Explorer
  • support of pasting copied files from Explorer to source
  • improved logic for Explorer's context menu (we can choose more images now or folders)
  • output text size now defined as promile of picture size
  • better support for translations
  • Browser is faster
  • supports arrow keys in Browser to scroll through pictures
  • added text may be centered in the picture
  • improved support of metadata
  • added possibility to add GPS coordinates to metadata (based on GPX file)
  • new generator of HTML (see example here - in czech)
  • scanning of images (from 6.1)

What's new

Version 6.6.0 (6.3.2021)
  • bug fixes
  • improvements
Version 6.4.3 (12.10.2013)
  • new checkbox to suppress errors in resampling
  • if a source file removed during resampling, no hard error is shown anymore
  • added support for "jpeg" files
  • a new button to show/hide Advanced Filter Setup in the Browser
  • correctly shows the name of the translator
Version 6.4.2 (18.5.2013)
  • a few fixes to prevent "Division by Zero" error
  • minor changes in "czech" translations
Version 6.4 (13.4.2013)
  • added advanced filters to browser (free rotation, templates etc)
  • added logo/image can be added to the center
  • possible to paint the name of the image without extension (new shortcuts)
  • minor fixes
Version 6.3.1 (10.11.2011)
  • corrected a memory violation when saving images with the same name by more threads
  • corrected naming files by metadata fields
Version 6.3 (13.7.2011)
  • another significant improvement of the speed!
  • more metadata supported for Nikon cameras (incl. the lens name)
Version 6.2 (11.7.2011)
  • support of up to 8 threads -> much faster processing on some machines
  • created comparison to other programs (IrfanView, XnView): english, česky
Version 6.1.1 (9.3.2011)
  • improved installer (registers libraries for Context Shell during install)
  • added italian, spanish and argentinian spanish
Version 6.1.0 (5.1.2011)
  • added twain support (you can scan from a scanner now)
  • corrections in translations
Version 6.0.8 (30.12.2010)
  • improved performance of reading metadata (especially for Kodak cameras)
  • correction of "Add image/logo" function, now it correctly opens all supported types of images
  • when language is changed, the text in header of the main screen is shown correctly now (for registered users)
  • correction of height in resampling to Exact Width and Height
  • corrections in translations (Czech)
  • small interface improvements
Version 6.0.7 (29.11.2010)
  • new imaging library which solves some problems loading corrupt images
Version 6.0.6 (26.11.2010)
  • size (in promile) of inserted text is calculated based on the shorter image side, not based on its height (for more compact results)
  • a new feature: if you choose "Include subdirectories" you may also "Keep original structure" of subdirectories
  • corrected viewing, rotating, flipping and mirroring in the Browser
  • improved the selection information box (picture cut in the Browser)
  • created installer for Jpeg Resampler XE (now you can choose between installer and zip)
  • added a group on Facebook, please join:
Version 6.0.5 (11.10.2010)
  • program parameters support (used as source for resampling), correction on 12.10.2010, preceed with "/src"
  • purchase of new lincence now available
Version 6.0.4 (23.9.2010)
  • solved crash on the first start of the program
  • corrected some czech and german translations
  • improvements of GPS/GPX logic
    • time shift can be a real number for better precision
    • you can use relative directory, for example "." means the same directory as the source files
Version 6.0.3 (22.9.2010)
  • 64bit shell context added (useful for 64bit Windows to integrate Jpeg Resampler into Windows Explorer)
  • auto-rotation of images improved (correction + rotation flag gets reset when image auto-rotated)
  • improved logic for automatic detection of "Number of threads"
    (for one CPU machine it defaults to 2 now, processing is about 15% faster)
  • Direct link to donation from the program - please DONATE to support the program
  • improved behavior on change of "Sort images by" (now reloads source completely)
  • added posibility to never replace existing files (useful when you only need to process the missing files)
  • faster loading of source files when impatient user clicks Start too early
  • improved calculation of remaining time
  • a few bug fixes
  • the advertisement is not shown too often anymore
  • added languages: polish and swedish (thanks to Mateusz and Nils!!)
  • later on 22.9. added german as well (thanks to Matthias!!)